October 29, 2009

From Gerald R. Lucas

Mailer Conference and Other Busy-ness

Holy moly. What a busy couple of weeks. As you can see by the dearth of posts to this journal, I have been occupied elsewhere, including a wedding, a conference, and several other things.

The wedding was great. I was the official photog, but I was also a guest. Autumn and I had a fabulous time in Vegas. I took over 1500 photographs, including our visit to Hoover Dam and plenty on the Vegas Strip, not to mention the hundreds of the wedding and events surrounding it. Thanks, again, to Heather and Chris for letting be a part of their nuptials.

The Norman Mailer Society Conference was held in D.C. this year, the first time (for me) our of Provincetown. While it was a good conference, attendance was down, and Mike Lennon stepped down as president in order to focus on his biography of Mailer. While I think our new prez, Mark Olshaker, will do a good job, I get the feeling the Society will change. I think we're back in P-town next year. I'll be publishing my paper here soon. It's really just a thought piece, as my original idea for a part two to last year's film was not possible. Still, I like the connections I make in the essay. Stay tuned for that.

Here are some square shots from the conference and around D.C.

On a similar note: we published our third volume of The Mailer Review. While I'm listed still as the Deputy Editor, I really didn't do much. All the work should be credited to Phil Sipiora and his awesome team of graduate students, including the indefatigable Constance Holmes. The issue is gorgeous and chock full of Mailer goodness. Get your copy today.

So, now I'm getting caught up. This includes grading. Lots of grading. Hopefully the semester will begin to quiet down in November.