April 5, 2009

From Gerald R. Lucas

Middle Georgia Photostroll

Yesterday was a great day. Not only was the weather gorgeous, I managed to get out in the morning and the afternoon for a photostroll around Macon and three surrounding towns.


I started by myself in the morning. I had to run some errands, so I took the camera along with me. First, on the corner of Rivoli and Northside, I hit one on my favorite farms. The cherry blossoms were starting to fade, but I still got a few excellent shots. I posted these to my Cherry Blossoms gallery; they are currently the first photos in the gallery.

Next, I went to Rose Hill. Yes, I know, don’t I always? Well, I’ve never been with the new lens, so I took it for a spin in a familiar environment and updated the Rose Hill gallery with sixteen images. I’m pretty pleased with how most of these images came out. In my usual rating process, I give one to five stars; most in this group were at least one or two. Cool.

Finally, topping off my morning stroll was the Hay House. I didn’t go inside, but snapped a few photos of the outside. One day I do have to take the tour. I posted these to my Downtown Macon gallery.

Giles joined me in the afternoon. Our first stop was Forsyth, GA, about twenty miles or so northeast of Macon. We walked around the center of town — somewhere we’ve been before — and took a few shots. I added nine photos to my Forsyth gallery.

Our next stop was Barnesville, another fifteen miles or so northeast of Forsyth. The town center was beautiful, and we spent a bit of time snapping away. Many of the locals were spending time in town, so Barnesville seemed welcoming and and friendly as we walked around. Some of my favorite shots of the day are in my new Barnesville gallery.

Next was Thomaston. The road there from Barnesville passed through The Rock, GA, and by several closed factories. The center of Thomaston had many vacant store fronts, and the town looked like it has been hit hard by the current recession. Thomaston is a new gallery.

And finally, as we headed back to Macon for some dinner, we paused briefly in Yatesville for a couple of shots — mostly of a couple of building façades that looked interesting.

All in all, a great day. Giles has also posted a blog entry and photos.

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