April 10, 2009

From Gerald R. Lucas

Friday Night in NOLA

The famous Bourbon Street was the scene for our Friday Night festivities in New Orleans. Autumn and I met Laura and Daniel, and Laura’s long-time friends Vicki and Robert.


We began at the Old Opera House and saw a kickin’ zydeco band. Of course, Laura and Daniel tore up the dance floor—and at one point, Daniel even danced with the cute wash-tub strummer (is that right?) from the band. I think Laura needed some air.

Next was dinner at one of the many restaurants on Bourbon Street. It wasn’t much to speak of, so I don’t remember the name of the place. (OK, it was called Remoulade, as one of my photos reminded me.) Daniel had a Hurricane and Laura had a raw oyster. While I know Daniel enjoyed his drink, I’m not so sure if Laura enjoyed her critter.

My favorite shots are from Bourbon Street. Daniel likes to pose, and my camera proves it. My best photo is of him with two very enthusiastic police officers. It must be rough working the beat on Bourbon Street. Somewhere in there, Autumn, Laura, and Daniel bought a shot from the shot wench.

After a brief stop in another bar with another band and more dancing (if I never hear “Sweet Home Alabama” or “Mustang Sally” again, that will be fine by me), we eventually ended up at Pat O’Brien’s for the ultra-cheese lounge show. Apparently, the two women behind the grand pianos will except any song request as a challenge. Write it on a napkin, fold a gratuity inside, and pass it up. If they know the song and play it, they keep the money. If not, the bills come back. They know them all. I remember singing along to Styx’s “Babe” and the B-52’s “Love Shack.” They did more.

I had to call it a night after Pat O’Brien’s, since my panel was the next morning. But I must thank Laura, Daniel, Vicki, and Robert for a great night on the town. See all the images in the Friday Night gallery. Also, be sure to check back to my New Orleans set that I’ll be adding to in the next couple of days.

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