April 26, 2009

From Gerald R. Lucas


I had the pleasure of photographing the 2009 Party of the Year last night with Giles. This year’s party had a roaring-20s, speak-easy theme and was held at an historic building downtown just known as the “Hardware Store” or the Karsten-Denson building on Third Street. All proceeds from the party go to support the efforts of the Historic Macon Foundation, which seeks to preserve and restore historic buildings, sites, and neighborhoods in the Central Georgia area.


Like last year, I set up a portrait area and encouraged folks to have their picture taken. I was pretty successful in getting most of the couples to pause in their merry-making to indulge me — and most seemed to actually want to. There were some great outfits to go along with the excellent bands (a jazz combo and a more traditional cover band), copious drinks, historic atmosphere, and excellent food. I also managed to hand out most of my business cards. So, I’d say the night was pretty successful.

Have a look at the gallery and buy a print or two, especially if you’re in one. Also see Giles’ gallery, linked through his blog.