August 31, 2009

From Gerald R. Lucas

Beer Goggles


I’ve been back from England for about a month now, and I still don’t feel quite … back. I had a great birthday celebration, thanks to my wonderful wife and my friends, and I’m not in my forties. We started the semester, and it’s been like most past years. Things are moving quickly. I’m exercising regularly, so I should feel great. I love my wife. I love my car (silly, huh?). The economy sucks, and that’s having repercussions on everyone. I feel bitter about that, I think. All this money going to the people who got us in this mess in the first place. We’re still at war. We obviously hate each other, since we don’t seem to want to pass any kind of health care reform. My health care premiums are going up 13% in January.

I’m not sad. Maybe becoming apathetic? Things feel distorted, like I’m looking through the bottom of a glass. Maybe I’ll get back soon.