April 3, 2013

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Take Writing for Digital Media! An online, Summer 2013 course.


This section of NMAC 3108 will be offered entirely online. Writing for Digital Media (#WritDM) teaches the writing skills necessary in the digital age. The course is specifically designed for the New Media & Communications degree, though is applicable to a number of disciplines.

WritDM takes for its foundational premise that digital media differs from that of print in several fundamental ways. Because of these differences, to use digital media successfully, writers must develop specific skills for its mastery. WritDM is designed to introduce students to these skills, provide them various projects in which to develop them, and teach them to become savvy users of digital media. Read more on LitMUSE. The specific syllabus for this course is coming soon, though a look at this semester’s class will give you some idea of the requirements and topics.

Questions about it? Ask some of my current students about their experience.