June 19, 2014

From Gerald R. Lucas
20140619 Shreads.jpg

And it continues.

My quest to minimize my life continues. With this shredded pile of paper, I have nearly cleaned out my files from graduate school. Notes, handouts, exams, more notes, essays, syllabi, course books, and more notes have been digitized and found their way through the shredder’s steel teeth.

Some of this stuff I use(d) for teaching. By going through these file folders — some of which I hadn’t touched in years — I realized that I’ll likely never teach another straight-up literature class again. It’s a shame, because that’s why I got into academia in the first place: my love of literature.

Consider this photo a metaphor, then.

I’m contemplating on selling my iMac and my stereo, too. I’m a bit more ambivalent about those, however. At least I’m not going to have to carry around these extra pounds of paper anymore.