February 13, 2014

From Gerald R. Lucas


I had a cool idea about a year ago, bought a domain name, had some assistance shooting some video, but found out I didn’t really have the time, talent, or support to do it right.

I still think it’s a good idea, just not one I can do presently. For posterity, here’s the intro text.

Hello, my name is Gerald Lucas, and I’d like to welcome you to Quick Cons — short, informal introductions to concepts in the Humanities. We want to introduce ideas to students in a way that inspires curiosity and adds to a conventional or online college curriculum. Quick Cons is inspired by the open university and web sites like TED Talks and Khan Academy that add new perspectives and approaches to education. We hope that students and educators alike will find QkCons helpful and a positive addition to their studies.

QkCons stands for Quick Concepts, and they are meant as an initial reference into key ideas in the Humanities, Writing, Literature, Cultural, and Media Studies. The suffix “con“ — while short for concept — also suggests a “con” or a trick, implying that anyone trying to sell a complex idea in under five minutes might just be trying to con you. “Con” also suggests “icon,” a familiar image of the computer age that symbolizes a larger idea. QkCons is meant to inspire curiosity, not end it.

Again, welcome. We hope to grow from humble beginnings into something big. Join us.

As always, see below for any links mentioned in the video, and recommendations for a deeper investigation of the topic. We also invite you to participate in our discussion: add points, ask questions, and interact below. If you have a suggestion for a concept you would like us to cover, fill out our request form from the main menu.

See you next time for another Quick Concept.

I did write two installments: one on “Cyberpunk” and one on “New Media.” Instead of ditching the idea altogether, I made a collection on Medium. So, come and contribute your quick concept.