July 16, 2014

From Gerald R. Lucas

20140716 Utah Capitol.jpg

First Workshop

This is what I’m here for, but I felt a bit out-of-place, like a Mormon in a Catholic church.

20140716 Evan.jpg

I was one of three people who were the subjects of today’s workshop. The other two were non-fiction narratives that were both well written and polished. Then, my weird prospectus for an academic DH project. The first two hours seemed productive when we were discussing the others’ contributions, but it’s like they didn’t know what to say about mine. That said, I think I received some good feedback — as much as I could get, really. I have some revision to do, and some more research. I’m not sure what I’m going to have for next Tuesday. I meet with our workshop leader on Friday, so I think he’ll offer some direction.

Don’t get me wrong: I think I have a good project — it just wasn’t anything like the other two. Maybe that doesn’t matter.

After the workshop, I walked with another fellow to find a wine shop. We chatted about politics and art, making our way to the midtown state wine shop before it closed at 7! Thanks, Utah. The shop wasn’t bad, but it seemed expensive. I’m sure taxes here are more. And I thought Georgia made it difficult to buy alcoholic beverages, but SLC makes Macon look like Las Vegas. I got some Evan, pictured.

It’s pretty tasty — like regular Evan kicked up to 11.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I’m going to venture downtown to work and run a few errands. I miss Autumn.