April 18, 2014

From Gerald R. Lucas

A Night to Remember


What can I say about A Night to Remember? It was fun to shoot. I died. I was a terrible actor, but I made a better corpse. Kip and I had fun. I got to have a tuxedo cut off of me by paramedics. I had my face covered in plaster to make my head wounds. We ate spaghetti.

It was an experience. Of course, Kip was the lead — since he actually could act — and I was the friend, a microcosm of our real-life relationship. I remember a scene where we were supposed to be buying drugs — from some black guys, of course. Near the end of the scene, cops showed up, and the dealers were supposed to make a run for it. They did, and I think these guys just kept going.

The night we shot the wreck, I remember it raining. I had to act unconscious as the paramedics dragged me from the car and cut my tux off. Did I mention it was raining? See the penultimate paragraph in the article above. I think I was just mad I didn’t get to keep my tux. At least I didn’t wear the magenta skivvies.

As I said, it was a good time. And even though Kip kills everyone, at least he goes to jail at the end. Spoiler alert.

Kip, what was the director’s name?