February 20, 2011

From Gerald R. Lucas

Listening Journal: Day 17

09:00 – The server turned itself off last night at 01:00, so the numbers look like this then:

rDAC: 47:00; Jolida: 61:30; MA1s: 98:30

14:00 – Started iTunes playing through the rDAC. I’m also playing with speaker placement. I moved my bookshelf and computer desk closer to the southern wall. This gives me more space in my audio area, and I don’t feel as if there’s a big piece of furniture to my left while I’m listening. I moved the Snells about a foot further out toward the listening area, and a foot further apart. This will be where I begin tonight. I left the spikes off of the speakers until I find a placement I like.

What I would really like to do is remove the desk from the room entirely. This would allow me to put the stereo against the southern wall and use the length of the room for listening. However, this really isn’t practical, as Autumn pointed out. Still, there might be another way of rearranging everything to take more advantage of the space.

Still, I’m looking forward to experimenting tonight. Giles might be coming by, too.