February 18, 2011

From Gerald R. Lucas

Listening Journal: Day 15

11:30 – I let the Arcam rDAC play through the night in an attempt to get through the “difficult stage” of my interconnects’ break-in period. They now have about 72 hours on them; I’ll probably push through 100 this weekend. I’m going to let them rest for an hour and start listening a bit about 12:30.

rDAC: 20:30; Jolida: 47:00; MA1s: 72:00

20:39 – I’ve been listening on and off all day, starting about 13:30. Right now is Yes’ The Yes Album—in Kip’s honor. It doesn’t sound bad. I forgot how long these songs are, though. “Starship Trooper” is still cool.

I’ve listened to a few songs from Rosie Vela’s Zazu—including “Interlude,” the song Becker and Fagen played on—and they are clean, like Steely Dan’s work. It’s worth listening to, and I’ll get back to it.

Spent some time with the Barenaked Ladies. I think their earlier stuff is best, though I must admit I’m not very familiar with their work after Maroon. Steven Page has a remarkable voice, and the band is worse off for losing him, I’m afraid.

rDAC: 30:00; Jolida: 56:30; MA1s: 81:30 – stopped at 22:00

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Bread and Baguettes, Baby!

Picture perfect.