February 16, 2011

From Gerald R. Lucas

Listening Journal: Day 13

17:45 – I finally received word that my rDAC shipped overnight, so it should be here tomorrow afternoon! Exciting.

Started with Sarah McLaughlin. I used to not like Fumbling Toward Ecstasy. I don’t know what I was thinking. Lovely; maybe her best. “Your love is better than ice cream…”

While my new media students took their exams this afternoon, I read about Steely Dan. Good stuff. In the FAQ, I learned that Becker and Fagen played on Rosie Vela’s record Zazu back in the day. Dude! Well, I immediately went looking for a copy. No luck. Not only is it out of print, the used copies are going for $30 and higher, so I looked for it on Google. As luck would have it, I found the flac files via Cydney. As soon as the disk is re-released, I’ll pick up a “legal” copy. This will be one of the first to come through the rDAC tomorrow. Thanks, Cydney.

On to Surfacing. Great strings on this disk. I must have never listened to this on a hi-fi before. Not everything is great, but McLaughlin’s vocals are right in front, as they should be.

Casandra Wilson’s Blue Moon Daughter – the first album of Wilson’s I owned, and probably still my favorite. Her voice defines sultry.

Zero 7’s Simple Things. It really sounds great. Autumn and I are also shopping on Amazon. Gonna order some CDs. Sia’s Colour the Small One is probably one; “Breathe Me” is one of those sublime songs.

More random stuff. Finished @ 22:00.

Day 23 awaiting my rDAC. Jolida: 38:30; MA1s: 52:30