February 17, 2011

From Gerald R. Lucas

Listening Journal: Day 14

15:00 – Just received my new Arcam rDACwr and immediately hooked it into the system. I let iTunes play through the USB while it and the tubes warmed up.

First impressions: I think the USB sounds better than the rWand. I’m still testing this out, but it seems the latter is a bit colder. I suspected this might be the case, but I’ll do extensive A-B tests this weekend.

This was an evening of eclecticism – many bands, many tracks. I rediscovered the Police; Sychronicity was excellent. More tomorrow.

I’m letting the rDAC play all night – or as long as the iPod’s battery lasts.

rDAC: 8:30; Jolida: 47:00; MA1s: 60:00 – at 23:30