November 12, 2010

From Gerald R. Lucas

John Buffalo Mailer & John Hemingway


This year’s Norman Mailer Society conference was a great time. Not only did I get to see my friends and colleagues, hear some great talks, and spend some time in my home town, but we made history. Norman Mailer and Ernest Hemingway never met in person, but we were able to bring John Buffalo Mailer, son of Norman, and John Hemingway, grandson of Ernest, together for our event. The conference was held in Sarasota this year, so Autumn went with me. She even got her picture with John Buffalo and John Hemingway.

This year, I became the official photographer of the society. Yet, it was the fifth year I had my camera. Check out all the galleries below, especially the 2006 where I have my published photo of Norman Mailer.