May 22, 2005

From Gerald R. Lucas

Pensive Ride

Calm 18909379 o.jpg

Today, I had a thoughtful, quiet ride. I went to campus to pick up some books I needed to finish course prep for this summer, but made it all the way there and realized I had forgotten my keys. No matter, it was a brilliant, sunny day, and the Bimmer growled its contentment. I stopped for some pictures. This image is taken just west of our Lake Kneedeep on the MSC Campus. Below, I stopped by Mercer Law School, a place that has arguably the best view in Macon. Here, the view is obstructed by a damn truck, a ubiquitous occurrence in Jawja, unfortunately.

I talked to Thomas last night about a ride to the mountains before the summer's teaching -- in a week! -- makes getting away more difficult. We're thinking about leaving tomorrow for a couple of days to hit Deal's Gap and the Tail of the Dragon. I've been itching to see how the 1150 R takes those luscious twisties. If I can only finish my prep...