May 18, 2005

From Gerald R. Lucas

Plus ce change . . .

Wow, go away for a week, and everything changes. Do you ever have those daysweeksmonths that feel like the world is against you, and that they all conspired to attack at the same time, as Odysseus would say, “to hurt him worst”? All I know is I have a house to clean up, eBay auctions to begin, and courses to plan. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks and an even busier June and July. Hopefully, I will have the chance to go riding in the mountains even while drowning in a three-class courseload.

Asterisk-trans.png          Asterisk-trans.png          Asterisk-trans.png

Getting the Nighthawk ready to sell. We had to take it up to Coleman Hill for a few photos.