June 15, 2005

From Gerald R. Lucas

Still Raining . . . Maybe Pouring


Well, to continue my week of black karma, I had a motorcycle accident. My driveway sucks, as most of you know, and I was heading out on the bike. Halfway down the drive, I went off the cement track, and the tire got caught trying to right myself. I went down near the bottom, messed up my left arm, my right leg, and the bike’s left valve cover, part of the luggage rack, and the left mirror. I'd post some pictures of the carnage, but I don't have my camera right now. I can't find it right now, but I'm sure a new cover will cost a tidy sum. Can this week get worse?

(OK, “messed up” might be an exaggeration, but the cover will have to be replaced. The back of the mirror is scratched, as is the luggage rack. My leg is bruised with a nice bloody spot on the shin, and my left elbow has a big scrape. Yes, I was wearing all my safety gear, so it could have been worse. I guess it could always have been worse if I'm not dead.)