August 12, 2023

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Back on Facebook

So, the Norman Mailer Society group on Facebook has been getting some spam posting, and the moderator can’t effectively take care of it, so I had to reactivate my Facebook account today. I was wondering if I even could, and—silly me!—of course Facebook will not delete anything. I was able to log right back in as if I never even left in 2018.

I took care of the Society group issues and made it private. I saw that I had other groups, too, and I pretty much just deleted them since they were no longer applicable or potentially useful. The MGA Media, Culture & the Arts group was still there, but apparently not used anymore. Deleted. I also had groups for LitMUSE, Big Jelly, and QkCons. Deleted. With all housekeeping done, I looked around a bit.

I decided to post about the upcoming publication of Lipton’s to see who might still be around. I received some hellos and comments, so I might stick around and use FB for a while. I don’t know. It’s pretty insipid, really, and potentially a huge waste of time. That said, it’s fun to see what everyone is up to.