July 20, 2023

From Gerald R. Lucas

Serious Time

As the summer term winds down, it’s time to get serious again. I know I have a good excuse by having a newborn in the house, but I have been totally slack this summer. As evidenced by this journal: I certainly have not been writing. I think I needed the break, though. And why should I feel guilty for taking one. In addition to caring for little Max, I have been reading, caught up on some TV, and watched a few movies. The summer heat has been record-breaking, so most activities have been in-doors, but Giles and I are venturing to Columbus on Friday to have the GS serviced. I hope I survive the ride home.

The fall semester is looming. Fortunately, I’m teaching all online, since Autumn has to go back to work. I’ll be taking care of Max during the day. I’m a bit apprehensive about this, since he still doesn’t like bottles, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Yeah. I have two full-session world lit courses, a second-session section of 1101, and a new course for me: Technical Writing in the Digital Age—a graduate course. I’m not really sure, yet, what I’m going to do for the latter, but I’ll figure it out. I know I want them to work with Wikipedia in some capacity.

We have a final cover design for Lipton’s which should be published in September. We have not seen the manuscript yet, but I know that the publisher is working on it. It will be nice to see this multi-year project come to fruition finally. I’d post the cover, but I don’t want to annoy anyone.