March 5, 2023

From Gerald R. Lucas

Sunday Ride

O’Quinn’s Mill // Leica M8 / Ultron 2/28}}

Stressed out. Yes, that’s me. All the time these days, it seems. While I’m not certain the best ways to combat this stress, I know that putting 100 miles on the BMW R 1200 GS on a sunny Sunday certainly goes a long way to assuage life’s daily grind. Giles and I headed east today, lunching in Milledgeville, and making a nice eastern loop through Sandersville, Sparta, and Eatonton.

As usual, we had our cameras with us, and each stop provided a few photographic opportunities. I can’t say I was too inspired with my photography today; I was along for the ride. Traffic was light; the sun was shining; the temperature stayed in the 70s. While the roads could have been curvier, the ride was near-perfect.

The photo here was taken at O’Quinn’s Mill, a picturesque spot I remember passing on our last ride out this way that people apparently use for weddings. Who knew? This time, we stopped.

Thanks for the ride, Giles, as usual. Great suggestion, and I predict more this spring. I came away with a few photos, but none really worth sharing. I think I’m rusty.