November 27, 2023

From Gerald R. Lucas

Final Call for ENGL 5106 Assignments

As we head into the final couple of days of class, I want to give everyone the opportunity to review the grade book and submit any assignments you might be missing. If you have any zeroes and you have completed the work—even late, please send me the URL, and I will have a look. If you have rewritten any work and would like to resubmit, please send me the URL, and I will have a look.

This week will be the last opportunity to hand in work. My policy for late work, as you know, is to not accept it, but I want to give everyone the opportunity to do the best that s/he can. If you have any questions about this, please send an email.

These next few days should be focused as well on finishing up your collaborative project: a LitWiki article on Technical Writing in the Digital Age. While you have done a great job with much of the content, use the remaining days to copyedit and eliminate any errors. For example, there should be no space before a footnote number. Remember, too, to preview before saving and to mark minor edits. Also, explanations on what edits you made are important. Many of you are ignoring this important wiki etiquette. You might look at Wikipedia’s good article criteria in evaluating your collaborative project. There are helpful links, too, at the bottom of the article.

I hope everyone finishes the semester strong. If you have something I can help with, please email me. It’s been a pleasure working with most of you this semester; you should be proud of the work you accomplished.