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! colspan="2" | {{font|size=26px|font=Alegreya Sans SC|text=Gerald R. Lucas}}
! colspan="2" | {{font|size=26px|font=Alegreya Sans SC|text=Gerald R. Lucas}}
| style="width: 200px;" | '''Office''' || CoAS-117 (Macon campus)
| style="width: 200px;" | '''Office''' || CoAS-117 (Macon campus), Department of Media, Culture & the Arts
| '''Office Hours''' || See [[Contact#Office Hours|Contact]]
| '''Office Hours''' || See [[Contact#Office Hours|Contact]]

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Instructor Information

Gerald R. Lucas
Office CoAS-117 (Macon campus), Department of Media, Culture & the Arts
Office Hours See Contact
Email gerald.lucas [at] mga [dot] edu

I try to make myself as available as much as possible during the first couple weeks of a semester, including evenings and weekends. If you need to chat with me, email me and we’ll arrange a video conference via Skype (or similar service), if necessary. Please do not expect a response after 5pm on weekdays or anytime during the weekend. I may be available, but I also need some down time. Thanks for your understanding.

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Syllabus templates.


  • {{Intro}} — Syllabus intro statement (no header)
  • {{In Info}} — Instructor information
  • {{In Info-nh}} — Instructor information (no header)
  • {{In Intro}} — Statement for instructor info page (no header)
  • {{Materials}} — Materials statement (no header)
  • {{Materials OL}} — Materials online statement (no header)
  • {{Online}} — Online statement (no header)
  • {{QEP}} — QEP for Undergraduate Research



  • {{Schedule}} — General schedule statement
  • {{Schedule-nh}} — General schedule statement (no header)


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