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Student Learning Outcomes

ENGL 1102 students will:

  • read critically and communicate ideas in well-developed written forms (MGA General Education Learning Goal A1 [Communications]),
  • read and respond to various texts for purposes of interpretation, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and judgment,
  • have a working knowledge of literary terms and understand the effect of narrative, dramatic, and poetic conventions upon meanings,
  • use recursive processes that include collecting information, focusing, ordering, drafting, revising, and editing,
  • apply the techniques and skills of research, integration of source material, and documentation,
  • use conventions of writing mechanics, usage, and style to communicate effectively for the given audience, purpose, and format (guidelines recommended by the Board of Regents Advisory Committee on English).
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Syllabus templates.


  • {{Intro}} — Syllabus intro statement (no header)
  • {{In Info}} — Instructor information
  • {{In Info-nh}} — Instructor information (no header)
  • {{In Intro}} — Statement for instructor info page (no header)
  • {{Materials}} — Materials statement (no header)
  • {{Materials OL}} — Materials online statement (no header)
    • {{DeepDive}} — a statement on the Packback service
  • {{Online}} — Online statement (no header)
  • {{HOnline}} — Hybrid online statement (no header)
  • {{Packback}} — Instructions for this service
  • {{QEP}} — QEP for Undergraduate Research
  • {{Covid}} — COVID-19 statement



  • {{Schedule}} — General schedule statement
  • {{Schedule-nh}} — General schedule statement (no header)
  • {{WW}} — Wiki work day


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Course Information Templates


  • {{Courses}} — Course index pages
  • {{2111}} — World Lit resources
  • {{Grl}} — My navbox for instructor page
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