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As much as we seem to be pretending the COVID-19 pandemic is at an end, it is not.[1] In light of this fact, our face-to-face attendance could change at any point if conditions warrant. Please be flexible and attentive to any contingencies. According to Anthony Fauci, 99.2% of people who died in June 2021 were not vaccinated.[2] Similarly, 99.7% of all new COVID-19 cases affect those who are not vaccinated, increasing hospitalization rates in states with a low vaccination numbers.[3] Please get vaccinated if you have not already.

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COVID-19 statement for the fall of 2021.

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  • {{Intro}} — Syllabus intro statement (no header)
  • {{In Info}} — Instructor information
  • {{In Info-nh}} — Instructor information (no header)
  • {{In Intro}} — Statement for instructor info page (no header)
  • {{Materials}} — Materials statement (no header)
  • {{Materials OL}} — Materials online statement (no header)
    • {{DeepDive}} — a statement on the Packback service
  • {{Online}} — Online statement (no header)
  • {{HOnline}} — Hybrid online statement (no header)
  • {{Packback}} — Instructions for this service
  • {{QEP}} — QEP for Undergraduate Research
  • {{Covid}} — COVID-19 statement



  • {{Schedule}} — General schedule statement
  • {{Schedule-nh}} — General schedule statement (no header)
  • {{WW}} — Wiki work day


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  1. Incredibly, according to USA Facts, under 40% of Georgians are fully vaccinated as of July 2021.
  2. Schnell, Mychael (July 5, 2021). "Fauci: More than 99% of people who died from COVID-19 in June were not vaccinated". The Hill. Retrieved 2021-07-09.
  3. "Almost all new COVID-19 cases are among people who have not been vaccinated". CBS News. July 10, 2021. Retrieved 2021-07-10.