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Online Participation / Daily Work

Since there is no (or limited) face-to-face class time, regular and active participation in online platforms is required. Your daily work online represents your attendance, e.g.: discussions, (b)log posts, training, exercises, short writing responses, reading quizzes, peer editing, and similar activities. Your participation in group activities and your online engagement will be weighed heavily in evaluation: participation, effort, and attitude count significantly; online learning requires active participation and enthusiasm (see Student Behavior).

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Syllabus templates.


  • {{Intro}} — Syllabus intro statement (no header)
  • {{In Info}} — Instructor information
  • {{In Info-nh}} — Instructor information (no header)
  • {{In Intro}} — Statement for instructor info page (no header)
  • {{Materials}} — Materials statement (no header)
  • {{Materials OL}} — Materials online statement (no header)
  • {{Online}} — Online statement (no header)
  • {{HOnline}} — Hybrid online statement (no header)
  • {{QEP}} — QEP for Undergraduate Research
  • {{Covid}} — COVID-19 statement



  • {{Schedule}} — General schedule statement
  • {{Schedule-nh}} — General schedule statement (no header)


See Also

Course Information Templates


  • {{Courses}} — Course index pages
  • {{2111}} — World Lit resources
  • {{Grl}} — My navbox for instructor page
  • {{Students}}

SLO Templates

Office Hours Templates