March 30, 2007

From Gerald R. Lucas


Well, we’ve finally gone and done it. Yes, friends, 849 Laurel Avenue is officially up for sale. Autumn and I decided to try selling it buy owner.

A realtor (why is my spell checker telling me that realtor is supposed to be spelled with a capital “R”? Bah!) who is trying to sell a house we like on Beverly Place, came over last week, ostensibly to chat with us about our options. Well, those options were about how we could buy her house, not about how could sell ours. In fact, were half-way through a cursory tour before I realized she really had no interest in even seeing our house.

Maybe I’m just being a cynic? Perhaps. However, she seemed to have as much interest in helping us sell our house as George Bush has in helping Katrina victims from New Orleans. Weird.

Yet, it seems to me that is she wanted us to sign a contract for Beverly contingent upon us selling Laurel, she would offer a bit of help. She changed her tune yesterday: she offered to come over to talk with us about how to make our house ready to show. Maybe she realized her mistake.

Anyhow: if you know of anyone who is in the market, send ’em our way.