July 2, 2007

From Gerald R. Lucas

Time to Fly

I feel restless.

Rest-stop 26600546 o.jpg

After a couple of eventful months—moving into a bigger house; celebrating a one-year anniversary; completing my fifth year at MSC; putting up with an unhappy Fatty; contemplating my twentieth year out of high school; not getting an iPhone—I guess I feel the need to relax by soaring along some mountain roads. The BMW R1150R is what I need.

This week would be excellent timing; however, the fourth is a busy travel holiday, and there’s still much to be done with the new house. So, while Autumn and her family head south next week, I might be flying solo toward some of my favorite roads. Maybe a few days without anything but the road to think about might do me some good. Don’t get me wrong: I’d love to have my wife on the pillion behind me, but I think her desires lean oceanways, while mine currently seek the clouds. Either way, we’ll both have a great time.

Where should I go? Definitely the Dragon; the Cherohala Skyway; the Blue Ridge Parkway. Maybe Greenville, Charleston, Savannah? Perhaps I should just get out my Mad Map of the Smoky Mountains and throw a dart. I need to go places I have not been before. Yeah.

Hopefully, that’ll curb my restive nature for another semester.