July 11, 2007

From Gerald R. Lucas

21818 miles at start; 114 miles traveled

2007-07-10 15-17-42.jpg

After teaching this evening, I rode from Macon State to my brother’s house in Woodstock, 114 miles by my odometer. I spent most of the day packing up the bike: washing the dust off the side bags, rolling up the clothes I would need for the next four days, and double-checking that I had all I needed. Rain gear; maps, including my Mad Map of the Smoky Mountains; Charles Stross’ Accelerando, my current post-cyberpunk, pre-singularity sf novel (great stuff, too); iPod; snackies (prepared by my wonderful wife); toiletries; travel log; camera and accouterments, including the Holga. The bike, too, was readied the day before: tire pressure checked, oil checked, gas tank filled, emergency gear under the seat, all surface areas washed.

Autumn and her family are off to Destin for the weekend, and since I went with them last year and I couldn’t remember the last time I had ridden in the mountains, I decided to take a long, winding ride on some roads familiar, some unexplored. Yes, I was invited to go with the Anderson Family, which I appreciate, but I needed to test my long-dormant mettle on some twisties. I ride daily, but not on challenging roads, so I’ll push myself pretty hard over the next few days. I have an approximate itinerary, but the only thing I’m certain of now is my general direction, that I’ll be at Mom’s tomorrow night, and Dad’s on Friday night.

The ride to Tim’s was a warm-up; I hope I can sleep tonight.