January 29, 2007

From Gerald R. Lucas

20-Year Reunion?

OK, guys, what’s up? Are we going to have a reunion, or not? I’m talking our twenty (that’s 20!) year high school reunion! I’m talking to you, members of the Bayshore High School (of Bradenton, Florida) class of 1987. I’ve done searches to try to find something out, but I’ve seen nothing. Anyone?


I started a group on Google called Bayshore High School, 1984-1987. I also started a group on Flickr so we can post our photos from high school. If you went to Bayshore during this time, please join the group and say hello. I graduated in 1987, but I knew others not in my class, so these groups encompass my four years, but all from the eighties are welcome. Tell your friends. Get in touch, at least for this, our twentieth year out of high school. No, I can’t believe it. I’m. So. OLD.

If we aren’t going to reunite, perhaps we can share something about ourselves both from then and what we’ve been doing for the last 20 years. So join our group and say hello, all of you from (at least) 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1987. At least you former band geeks need to say hello.