February 1, 2024

From Gerald R. Lucas

Administrator Access Request Denied

Dear Lucas, Gerald R.

Your request to run Seafile 9.0.4 as administrator has unfortunately been denied by your IT department.[1]

Reason for rejection: We are in the process of implementing controls to comply with the MGA Cloud Storage Policy (and a recent USG audit) restricting storage of MGA data to approved solutions only. The approved solution for cloud storage of MGA data is Microsoft 365 OneDrive. MGA data stored on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc is prohibited by policy and should be moved to OneDrive.

If you need to access non-MGA data on cloud storage, use the web interface instead of the application. This is to prevent syncing of MGA data to unapproved cloud services.



The Admin By Request Team

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If that email were not fun enough, I just received this one:


  1. So, I got a new HP peecee in my office. I needed something that was functional for literally one program. Of course, it doesn’t work on a Mac (so I was told by the admin who bothered to respond to me), so they finally got a a Windoze computer in my office. I can tell the experience is going to be fun. And as far as I know, I have no “MGA data”—nor do I want any.