November 24, 2008

From Gerald R. Lucas



Well, we’re TiVo people again.

Thanks to Circuit City going out of business here, we were able to score an HD TiVo box for $80. We had been thinking about ditching cable, but with the addition of more HD channels and now a brand new TiVo, we’ll be holding on to cable for a while.

Having the cable cards installed this afternoon was a bit trying, but the machine seems to be working as it should. It’s currently downloading information during the setup, so I’ll know in a few minutes.

I also picked up a Western Digital DVR Expander. I suspect that any external eSATA hard drive would have been capable of doing the trick, but the 500-gig external drive was only $150. So far, the TiVo has not recognized it. I think this is pretty typical of my experiences with WD products. Hopefully, I won’t have to take it back.

Anyway, I’m happy to have TiVo again. I just can’t wait until next month when I can watch Netflix from the TiVo!