May 6, 1994

From Gerald R. Lucas

Bachelor of Arts


After a bit longer than I expects, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English from USF, Sarasota. I was never really that good through high school in my academic studies. I thought I would be a musician. No. I thought I might be an accountant. Negative. I finally found an academic pursuit I could get behind: I could actually earn a degree from reading novels and poetry! I never looked back.

Thanks to my Mom for her support. Also, Nick and Christine helped me keep my eyes on what was important. Thanks, too, to the financial aid office at the Sarasota campus: they always managed to find me scholarships and extra money. You guys are the best. Thanks also to my favorite professors: Bob Hall, Donald Wyly, Victor Peppard, Mary-Helen Harmon, Dan Wells, John Campbell, and Sara Deats. You all inspired me to be the best I could be.