May 10, 2016

From Gerald R. Lucas

Date Night


After an end-of-the-semester reception at the university, Autumn and I headed downtown for a Monday date night. Thanks to Gummy spending some time with Henry, we had a couple of hours for dinner. We headed for the Downtown Grill, and of course I had the new Sony A7S armed with the Canon FD 85/1.2 L.

I had turned grades in that afternoon for my day-job, and a night out was just what we needed. The A7S is a remarkable camera, and it's 12-megapixel sensor is perfect for bokeh panoramas. The A7R does a great job, too, but its 36-megapixel images get a bit unwieldy during stitching.

We had a great meal and a great time with each other. I'm also happy with the images I managed to capture before heading home. I really wanted to test the low-light capabilities of the A7S, but that will have to wait.

All images in this post were taken with the Sony A7S and the Canon 1.2/85 FD. All are bokeh panoramas stitched with Autopano Pro.