December 30, 2018

From Gerald R. Lucas

Any season that ends with a Led Zeppelin song — in this case it was “In the Light” from Physical Graffiti — has to be a good show. That's exactly how the first season of Mindhunter closed, leaving a few questions. The least of which is: what the hell is that guy’s deal in Kansas? I assume he'll play a larger role in season two. I’m still embarrassed it took me so long to get to this show in the first place. I’m thinking about reading the book. I get the impression it’s a real-life novel in the vein of Mailer’s The Executioner's Song. Maybe I should send Mark an email.

Now, what do I watch next?

Since the year is coming to close, I’ve been thinking about some resolutions. I think I have a few good ones that I'll share on Tuesday.