December 28, 2018

From Gerald R. Lucas

Much has been ported here, mostly from LitMUSE. That seemed to be the most logical place to begin. I have a year left with the domain, but I decided not to renew it again.

I added a student guide menu that will appear on all pages germane to student success. I also have been tweaking my course polices, creating pages and template snippets that can appear on syllabi. My syllabus for World Lit is pretty much complete, other than requirements.

I think I'm going back to a simple point system for grades, and I will use Gradekeeper[1] to record them, unless someone can suggest something better. D2L is just terrible; I can finally say that after about two years of using it. I have always maintained that no one should be forced to use crappy software.


  1. It's a bit austere, but it does what I want it to do. See Gradekeeper.