September 13, 2018

From Gerald R. Lucas

Of course, I had to take the long way to campus today.

The Scrambler performed even better today — it was so much fun in the morning as I made my way to campus. I’m pretty pleased, too, with the jacket and helmet I chose. The Taloc jacket was on the close-out rack and is part of Triumph’s own clothes line. I suspect it might be the ladies’ version as it’s a large and fits me pretty snuggly, but it fits and is quite comfortable — even in the heat of the late summer. It looks pretty damn stylish, too.

My helmet is a modular one from HJC, like the RPHA 90. Like my old white Schuberth, it has a built-in shade, but this one’s black. It seems to be a bit loud, too, at higher speeds. Maybe my old helmet was, too; I did wear earplugs on longer rides. Still, both jacket and helmet are comfortable.

Now I wish that the ride to and from work was longer. I can always take the long way. I expect I’ll be doing that frequently.