August 14, 1995

From Gerald R. Lucas

To Gertrude Rahe

August 14, 1995

Dear Grandma—

How are you? Things are fine here. I just finished my last summer semester, and am planning for my endeavors. I have been given a teaching assistantship at U.S.F. Basically, what that means is that I shall be teaching freshmen how to write. Sound fun? I’m looking forward to it; at least I won’t be in the food service business anymore—I’m beginning to use my education!

I hope your birthday finds you happy and healthy. Happy Birthday, Grandma, from me and my wife. We would both like to be there for your party, but Cincinnati is quite a trip, and we’re broke college students. I hope you understand.

I hope you enjoyed Mom’s visit. She said that she, unfortunately, did not get to spend much time with you. You seem to be very busy—I think that’s great. Keep going, Grandma.

Tell everyone that I said hello. Also, again, Happy Birthday!