April 8, 1995

From Gerald R. Lucas
Sonnet 22[1]
By: Philip Sidney

In the highest way of heav’n the Sunne did ride,
Progressing then from faire twinnes’ gold’n place:
Having no scarfe of clowds before his face,
But shining forth of heate in his chiefe pride;
When some faire Ladies, by hard promise tied, 5
On horsebacke met him in his furious race,
Yet each prepar’d, with fanne’s wel-shading grace,
From that foe’s wounds their tender skinnes to hide
Stella alone with face unarmed marcht,
     Either to do like him, which open shine, 10
Or carelesse of the wealth because her owne:
Yet were the hid and meaner beauties parcht,
Her daintiest bare went free; the cause was this,
The Sunne which others burn’d, did her but kisse.

notes and commentary

  1. From Astrophel and Stella, 1580s.