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Through World War I

Date Assignment
4/6[1] Introduction to the Twentieth and Twentieth-First Centuries
  • Editor’s Introduction, pp. 1015–1042[2]
  • Take Period Introduction Quiz on D2L Quiz-icon.png
4/7 Rudyard Kipling
  • “The Man Who Would Be King” Quiz-icon.png Disc-sm.png
4/8[3] E. M. Forster
James Joyce
  • “Araby” Quiz-icon.png Disc-sm.png[4]
4/11 Disc-sm.png Rupert Brooke Siegfried Sassoon Wilfred Owen
4/12 Take the Edwardian/WWI Check-In on D2L
« The Victorian Age   The Modern Age »


  1. Midterm grades due.
  2. See D2L for an overview of the period.
  3. Withdrawal deadline.
  4. Note that this thread is listed under ENGL 1102. It is the correct one for this class, too.
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