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From Gerald R. Lucas

The Romantic Period

Date Assignment
Caspar David Friedrich - Landschaft mit Gebirgssee, Morgen.jpg
Introduction to Romanticism Disc-sm.png
1794 William Blake Songs of Innocence.jpg
William Blake Disc-sm.png

Respond on r/LitWiki » William Blake (General). Or, if you want to respond to a particular poem, locate its thread, or if one has not already been created, feel free to start a new one.; e.g. Blake: “The Sick Rose” as the title of the thread.
Der Alte Matrose b 09.jpg
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Ashford, Tintern Abbey
William Wordsworth
Again, if you wish to respond to poems that do not have a corresponding Reddit thread on r/LitWiki, you are welcome to start one. This will also hold true on all assignments below.
3/16 George Gordon, Lord Byron
3/17 Percy Bysshe Shelley
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Dorothy Wordsworth
Joseph Severn, Portrait of John Keats
John Keats
3/29 Take the Romanticism Check-In on D2L
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  1. See D2L for an overview of the period.
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