Writing for Digital Media, Summer 2020/Schedule/6

From Gerald R. Lucas
crn 50055 nmac 5108.01 online Summer 2020

Before beginning your work each week, read through the whole lesson so you know what to expect and understand what’s expected. Each tab corresponds to a week of study. All assignments are contained therein. Any questions should be posted to the class forum, and be sure to read my weekly feedback.

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07/02–07/08: Writing and Editing

Now that you’ve improved your draft based on others’ feedback, it’s time to move your work live — to the “mainspace.”




  • Work on your article this week.
    • Post an update on your progress (or lack of progress) in the class forum. What did you learn from your reading that is applicable to your WP work?


  1. Likely you have been editing the Wikipedia “mainspace” for a while now, but if not — now is the time.
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