Writing for Digital Media, Summer 2020/Schedule

From Gerald R. Lucas
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This schedule represents the ideal outline for our study this semester. Yet, like all best-laid plans, we may not be able to keep up with our agenda. Please be flexible and try to look and read ahead whenever possible.

We will do our best to stick by this schedule, but I will inform you verbally, via an email, and/or a literal change to the schedule below whenever there is a deviation. Getting these updates is solely your responsibility. Therefore, this schedule is tentative and subject to change contingent upon the needs of the students and the professor, and dictated by time and other constraints which may affect the course. For face-to-face classes, this schedule reflects only an overview of the assigned reading and other major course assignments. It may not indicate specific class session assignments or activities. Specific in-class assignments may not be reflected on the schedule.

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This course is set up as a self-guided, online class—for you to work when you can on each unit, located in the tabs below. You will have one week to complete each section of the class, and move on to the next section. Each portion builds on what you learned in the previous one, so be sure you’re taking notes as you progress and practicing what you have learned in everything you write—especially on Wikipedia.

While you may work at your own pace, I recommend doing a bit each day to keep what you learn fresh in your mind. This advice is especially germane to Wikipedia: try to practice daily by making an edit, learning a new technique, adding a reference. In my experience, students who work a bit everyday rather than trying to do everything in one sitting will be much more successful and encounter less difficulty with the material. See the course overview below, or:

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Course Overview

The following is a general outline of lessons. Each link below will take you to the lesson for the week. Click on the first to get started.

W1 May 28 – June 3 Introduction to Digital Writing and Wikipedia
W2 June 4 – June 10 Evaluating Wikipedia
W3 June 11 – June 17 Selecting a Topic and Drafting
W4 June 18 – June 24 Editing an Article
W5 June 25 – July 1 Peer Reviews
W6 July 2 – July 8 Writing and Editing
W7 July 9 – July 15 Revising and Improving
W8 July 16 – July 23 Final Article and Reflective Essay
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