Writing for Digital Media, Summer 2020/Schedule/4

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Before beginning your work each week, read through the whole lesson so you know what to expect and understand what’s expected. Each tab corresponds to a week of study. All assignments are contained therein. Any questions should be posted to the class forum, and be sure to read my weekly feedback.

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06/18–06/24: Editing an Article

This week: understanding the expectations of your audience and learning to support your work. Who is your audience when writing on Wikipedia? How do you ethically serve it? How is credibility established on Wikipedia? Wikipedia provides some guidance here: you should assume a broad background of readers who may know nothing of the subject, but wan to learn. How, then, do you make an article accessible and comprehensive? You can begin answering these questions by learning as much as you can about your topic.




  • Discuss your experiences with adding citations and copyediting an article on the forum. Use specific examples in your discussion; link when appropriate.
    • Comment on at least one other classmate’s post.


  1. See “Citing Sources” for a more in-depth overview.
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