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Much information in my courses is either review or is necessary throughout the semester. Consult this general list of frequently asked questions for answers after you’ve checked your specific class syllabus. The best answers are on your class syllabus. Don’t see your question answered on this page? Try a search above.


General Information

  1. How do I contact you, Dr. Lucas?
  2. When and where are your office hours?
  3. What’s your email address, Dr. Lucas?
  4. Did you get my email, tweet, phone call, etc?
  5. How do I do well in your class?
  6. What are the liberal arts and why should I care?
  7. What are some behaviors that I should avoid in college?
  8. How do I check my grades?
  9. How do I take strong notes?
  10. What does each letter grade mean? (Or, why am I not making an A?!)
  11. I’m worried about my grade. Is there any extra credit I can do?

Composition and Writing

  1. What are the essential elements of strong college writing?
  2. Where can I get additional assistance with writing?
  3. What are some general tips to help me write in your class (or all my classes, for that matter)?
  4. What is plagiarism?
  5. What is the minimum I need to know when writing about literature?
  6. What does “research” and “response” entail?
  7. What is Reader-Response criticism?
  8. When my essay is finished and ready to submit, is there anything else I should do?
  9. How do I do better on my reading quizzes?
  10. How do I prepare a prospectus?
  11. What are some reasons for keeping a class journal?
  12. What are some general ways to get started writing about literature?
  13. How do I correctly quote verse in my writing?


  1. How do I get started writing on Wikipedia?
  2. Is there a general introduction to Wikipedia?
  3. In what ways can I contribute to WP?
  4. Does WP have its own introduction for newbies?
  5. Is there a how-to manual for WP?
  6. Does WP have a help page?
  7. Does our class have its own help and discussion forum?
  8. Is there a place I can ask questions if I get stuck?
  9. What essential for becoming a well-rounded Wikipedian?
  10. How do I write on a talk page?
  11. How do I reply to another user on WP?[1]
  12. How do I sign my comment on a journal post or talk page?
  13. How do I link?
  14. How do I add a reference?[2]
  15. What sources make the best references?
  16. Is there a referencing tutorial?
  17. Where can I find citation templates?
  18. How do I add an image?
  19. How do I write an original article?
  20. How can I improve an existing article?
  21. What is the best layout for an article?
  22. How do I write a better article?[3]
  23. What are the components of the perfect article?


  1. Why don’t you use D2L?
  2. Are there any essential services I should use online?
  3. Are there any recommended apps that I should know about?
  4. How do I know if I’m ready to take an online course?
  5. What is the proper etiquette for corresponding online?
  6. How do I write in an online forum?
  7. How do I blog?
  8. What do I write about on my class blog?
  9. How do I comment online?
  10. How do I write on a wiki? (see Wikipedia above)
  11. How do I get started using Twitter?
  12. Now that I’m started, how do I use Twitter in class?
  13. How do I cite resources in digital documents?

Study Guides

  1. Do you have a study guide for World Literature 1 (ENGL 2111)?
  2. Do you have a study guide for New Media (NMAC 4460)?
  3. Do you have a reading list for New Media?
  4. Do you have a study guide for Norman Mailer?


  1. How do I write about poetry?
  2. What is “active learning”?
  3. What is a portfolio and why should I keep one as a student?


  1. Also see: Template:Reply to.
  2. Also see: “Introduction to Referencing.”
  3. Use this guide and the next as ways to target problem points in existing articles. In others words: if you don't know where to start in improving an article, these pages help. Also see: Wikipedia:Featured article criteria as another guide for improvement.
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