ENGL 1101

From Gerald R. Lucas

English Composition I

English Composition I teaches effective writing in a variety of contexts, emphasizing exposition, analysis, argumentation, and research. ENGL 1101 instruction focuses on teaching students to think critically and to write clear, precise, and effective papers that highlight personal experiences, explain an idea, argue a position, and respond to an essay question prompt. This course teaches students how to introduce a topic, to articulate a thesis statement, to craft topic sentences, and to develop claims in coherent paragraphs.


Fall 2023 Syllabus

The objectives of ENGL 1101 are to teach students how to read and write at a beginning college level. Students will learn to write essays that are efficacious, succinct, and interesting; to cite proper support for suppositions; to examine and think critically; and to increase their confidence in all forms of written discourse. Through various class readings, journal entries, discussions, and individual guidance, students will practice and develop integral skills for the communication and inference of ideas both written and verbal.


Term CRN Class Day and Time Room
Fall 2023 83342 ENGL 1101.19 Online ⚠️ 2nd
Fall 2022 80798 ENGL 1101.03 MW 11:00–12:15 TEB-373
Fall 2008 80354 ENGL 1101.23 MW 12:30–13:45 HSS-124
Spring 2008 20305 ENGL 1101.06 “Writing Second Life” TR 09:30–10:45 HSS-124
20168 ENGL 1101.16 “Writing Second Life” TR 12:30–13:45 HSS-124
Fall 2007 68377 ENGL 1101.22 MW 12:30–13:45 EDUC-245

Learning Outcomes

ENGL 1101 students will:

  • analyze, or interpret evidence or arguments, in order to formulate and support new arguments or solve problems,
  • read critically and communicate ideas in well-developed college-level written forms (MGA General Education Learning Goal A1 [Communications]),
  • understand rhetorical contexts for their writing by establishing the writer’s role, the audience, and the purpose of the project,
  • use recursive processes that include collecting information, focusing, ordering, drafting, revising, and editing,
  • apply the techniques and skills of research, integration of source material, and documentation,
  • read and respond to various texts for purposes of interpretation, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and judgment,
  • use conventions of writing mechanics, usage, and style to communicate effectively for the given audience, purpose, and format (guidelines recommended by the Board of Regents Advisory Committee on English).

30-Hour Rule

In accordance with Board of Regents policy, students must complete ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 before earning thirty hours of course credit.

Exit Requirements

All students must complete ENGL 1101 with a grade of A, B, or C to proceed to ENGL 1102 and to receive Area A1 credit.

Regents Exemption

Students who complete both ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 with grades of A, B, or C have fulfilled the University System of Georgia Regents Reading and Writing Requirement.

Student Resources

Tutoring is available free of charge on all MGA campuses for currently enrolled students. To view center contact information, subjects tutored, and tutor availability, see the SSC website. SSC tutoring sessions may be scheduled online and face-to-face through the “Book an Appointment” link on the Student Success Center website. Other services at the SSC include online academic workshops and a robust website with resources for academic assistance. The centers also have computer workstations, printing, and Internet access.

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