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Four formal essays make up the bulk of students’ grades in ENGL 1101. These essays will allows students to master this integral, college-level medium, develop their research skills, learn how to use specific evidence to develop and support suppositions, and engage in critical thinking. Three of these essays will require library research and knowledge of MLA style for document formatting.


The college essay is a particular medium of communication, and therefore has particular characteristics or conventions that must be included.

All essays should be word processed, using the format outlined by the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.[1] Essays should have a maximum of 1000 words. Actual length will be determined by the subject and argument: long enough to cover the topic and short enough to be interesting. Essay conventions include: a specific title, an identifiable thesis statement, at least five paragraphs that include an introduction and conclusion, and a works cited page.

All essays should be composed and submitted on Packback Deep Dives. (In Packback, see Packback Deep Dives » Assignments.)


While the medium will remain the same for all four essays, your approach will change reflected primarily in the content or subject matter.

Essay 1: Journey to College

Write a personal narrative that reflects on your experiences and conveys a compelling story about your journey to college. Read more.

Essay 2: The Hobby

Write about a hobby that you engage in regularly. Read more.

Essay 3: The Struggle Essay

Write about a personal struggle in your life that you have overcome or are still battling. Read more.

Essay 4: The Belief Essay

Write about a belief that you have always held. In what ways is it beneficial to you and your community? In what ways might it not be? Read more.


  1. See Policies § MLA Style for an overview and consult your handbook for specific instructions.
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