Writing and Publishing in Digital Environments, Spring 2020/Schedule/3

From Gerald R. Lucas
CRN 26149 nmac 5108.01 online Spring 2020

Before beginning your work each week, read through the whole lesson so you know what to expect and understand what’s expected. Each tab corresponds to a week of study. All assignments are contained therein. Any questions should be posted to the class help page.

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01/23–01/29: Topics and Sources

This week, everyone should be working on our group article—The Faith of Graffiti and start working on their individual articles.




Continue to develop Faith and communicating on its talk page (P1). Be sure you’re making your log posts, probably mostly on Faith’s talk page. Begin researching and working on your individual Wikipedia articles (P2). Begin an annotated bibliography of sources you find for your topic using the sfn-bib format we discussed previously.

You should be working on both P1 and P2 regularly from this point on. Do not wait until the last minute. 🙂


  1. You should enter this on the WikiEdu dashboard under “Articles.”
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