Writing and Publishing in Digital Environments, Spring 2020/Schedule/2

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Before beginning your work each week, read through the whole lesson so you know what to expect and understand what’s expected. Each tab corresponds to a week of study. All assignments are contained therein. Any questions should be posted to the class help page.

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01/16–01/22: Evaluate, Research, Cite

This week, Carroll discusses strategies for writing and editing. Your training addresses evaluating Wikipedia articles and making your first edits. We’ll also get an introduction to research and sourcing.



Wikipedia Training: Evaluating Articles and Sources and How to Edit. For the Evaluate exercise use the Norris Church Mailer article and post your evaluations on its talk page.[1] Can you make a small correction/addition or two? Find another source to add?

Go through Wikipedia’s Referencing Tutorial and WikiEdu’s Adding Citations.[2] Begin research on Graffiti by finding two reliable sources. Read the sources and take notes.


Start editing The Faith of Graffiti by adding to the bibliography the solid sources you discovered in your research. Be sure to use the correct citation template for each entry you make: book, journal essay, newspaper reviews, magazine reviews and interviews, and web sources.[3] (See this example of a bibliography and a shortened footnote approach to sourcing.) Use the sources I already added as models. Additionally add to Graffiti’s talk page: what do you plan to do next to help with the article? Make an addition.


  1. This is labeled “Optional activity” in the exercise, but it is required.
  2. The latter includes a “Citing Sources” tutorial on Wikipedia.
  3. We will use a bibliography-shortened footnotes approach in our Graffiti article. See shortened footnotes for an explanation and our example article The White Negro for their application.
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