September 21, 2002

From Gerald R. Lucas
Apple PowerPC G3 Mini Tower.

This great legacy machine is currently running MacOS X.2 Server (no media included). This machine is a clean-running beauty and includes the following:

  • 300 Mhz G3
  • 4 GB HD
  • 184 MB of physical RAM
  • 100/10 Ethernet PCI card in addition to the built-in 10-base-T ethernet — use this G3 as a firewall!
  • Apple Extended Keyboard, ADB cable, and mouse
  • Built-in floppy drive, CDROM drive, and Zip
  • I will also include a Mac-to-VGA adapter

I do not have original packing materials, so buyer pays a shipping and handling (purchase of shipping materials) fee of $80. I accept cashier’s check, MO, verified PayPal (preferred), or personal check (I will wait until it clears before sending the computer). This is a great machine that will work well as a home or small office server or workstation. Please email me with questions.